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Cinema du Désert - Tales On The Road To Mongolia

21 June Chechnya, Russia. Tales On The Road To Mongolia



Our Parallèle 49 Team On The Road To Mongolia are in Chechnya, Russia today.  


 The link above is a story written by journalist and film maker Manon Loizeau who is in Chechnya this week revisiting Grozny  to shoot (undercover) her documentary film of the changes the capital and its people have seen in last decade.   


Manon Loizeau's  film intended to be a journey down  memory lane, but she soon discovered a land where having a memory was forbidden. Her previous recollections of Grozny had been replaced with tall neon high rises more Dubai or Las Vegas than Chechnya and the soul of the Chechnya people had disappeared.   All the past erased by state policy.


"The people of Chechnya yearned for the times they had  during the Russian occupation because, as they said, "at least we were together fighting against a common enemy. Now the enemy is everywhere, Now we are killing each other. The enemy is inside us."


Today our Parallèle 49 Team are in Stage 3 having visited Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and now have entered Greater Russia.  Crossing borders into "schizophrenic lands of terror and oblivion". The conditions contagious impregnating the cells of the children born and raised in these lands. Children defined as "The Lost Generation" .


We think the post card shot of the capital cities we encounter On The Road To Mongolia represent a new face of our European partners but in truth it is only a mask which hides the fear and repression of the citizens within.   Our work On The Road To Mongolia is not just about a momentary smile and temporary sense of joy brought then taken away from a child as our caravan packs up and crosses another horizon.  Our work leaves a memory.  A new memory, one that might spark a new idea or a new identity. 


Our team is courageous regardless of the conditions. Ulan, Bator is still far away and the dangers in the distances are very real as we cross into new territories and new lands that are uncertain of themselves and of our work.  Our team is convincing and committed.  We know our cinema leaves an impression an impact. Our beliefs are worthy of your support.  Donate now to  our URGENT needs to continue “On The Road To Mongolia” at Indiegogo


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