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Cinéma du Désert - “Franchitagnolo”

Franchitagnolo: oltre le barriere linguistiche per il trionfo del multiculuralismo!



Daily communication amongst ourselves is a comical morpho-syntactic-mutation comprised of single descriptive words mixed together in different languages. Our Lézards Migrateurs Urban E.U. Language is “Franchitagnolo” not quite French, not quite Italian, not quite Spanish.  Add the complexity of a new language with every new border we cross and you get a linguistic nightmare. Our embryonic lingua “Franchitagnolo” is a our triumph of our multiculturalism!



We knew we would have these language barriers when we started our expedition.  As our workshop methods endorse non-verbal communication using  images, gestures, music and games to engage in an exchange of emotions, we must also manage amongst  ourselves to understand our daily communications! 



Our Lézards Migrateurs team is a combination of humanitarian aid workers and film makers from France, Italy and Spain.   Sometimes we struggle amongst ourselves to communicate clearly but we manage as we share some words in common as all our languages all share  a Latin root.  We know that in some countries there will be no comparison to our Madre lingua,  alphabets  totally different than ours but we will manage!  A smile is a universal language and laughter needs no translation.  Our aim is to open communications between the barriers of borders, remove judgements of spoken dialects and physical gestures and use our eyes, hearts and intuition to guide us in our projections of our rays of hope, our cinema  and the warmth of our emotions.  The most important element of communication is listening to what is not spoken.   




Translations and story by Cindy R Wirth    press office: therealthing.italy@gmail.com
PHOTO GALLERY Franchitagnolo May 28, 2015


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